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ကမၻာစီးပြါးေရး က်ဆင္းမႈေၾကာင့္ ျမန္မာအလုပ္သမားမ်ား ေနရပ္သို႕ ျပန္ပို႕ခံရမႈ

Conflict between employees and employers

In Malaysia, there are more than 500 migrant workers who are currently working in INNO VALUES PRECISION SDN BHD (Co. Reg No. 454311-D) at Pasir Gudang in Johor State.
These workers are mainly from Burma, Nepal and Vietnam. Many Malaysian workers are also working there. This company is a Singapore registered one and it has branch factories in China, Malaysia, Thailand and South Korea.

Majority of foreign workers have the right to work eight hours a day and one day day-off a week. The daily wages of the workers is 18.50 RM. The workers earn between 750 and 850 RM a month including working for extra working time. However, the salary of the workers is not increased, but some have been given just allowance. But the workers enjoy this allowance for only short period of time such as two or three months. On 22nd August 2007, the Burmese worker named Mr. Tin Lin (passport no. 880009) had to cut his thumb shortly after he had the accident in the factory. In that case, the factory authorities did not pay any compensation to him. Besides, according to the regulation of the factory, if a worker is absent to work for a day, he or she will be barred to work for a week. When the workers are sick, the clinic of the factory gives the workers the medical treatment, however the workers have no right to have their health benefit.

At the moment, global economic crisis is affecting every part of the world economy. As a result, many factories have to reduce its work-force. However, the authorities of this company did not follow the existing labour law of Malaysia while reducing the number of the workers. Instead, that company authorities are putting pressure on the workers to quit the jobs.

At the same time, the manager of human resource department of this factory has been treating the workers in inappropriate manner. Therefore, some workers have informed the local police station on that issue.

Currently, the workers from this factory have demanded factory authorities the following points:

1. To remove the manager of human resource department to other factory located in abroad.
2. Due to the lacking of extra working hours in this month, to stop collecting monthly levy fund. 3. To resume 4 hour extra working time a day for the workers.
4. To provide night shift allowance for those workers who work at night.
The local Malaysian workers also demanded similar points to the factory authorities. The factory authorities replied that they will respond the demands of the workers on 15th December 2008. Since 11th December 2008, many foreign workers are now stopping to work in the factory and staying at their residential places which are provided by the factory.

Concerning the above mentioned cases, the workers contacted Burma Campaign Malaysia (BCM) through Lanthit journal to help them. Mr. Tun Tun and Mr. Yan Naing Tun from BCM went to Pasir Gudang in Johor to collect the facts about the conflict between employers and employees on 13th December 2008. The BCM is now consulting with concerned NGOs, Mr. Tian Chua, MP and information Chief of PKR, also advisor of BCM, Mr. Moe Swe of Ywanchioo workers' association and TENAGANITA NGO for further activities.

The copies of police inform sheet and demand paper of the workers which were signed by the workers are attached with this letter.
For more information, please contact;
Mr. Tun Tun 016 2980785 wnyunt@hotmail.com
Mr. Ko Latt 016 3210966 kolatt88@yahoo.com
Mr. Yan Naing Tun 017 3886062 yannaingtun88@yahoo.com

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